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Kj's Mining FAQ

We offer a wide range of services including trade assistants, electricians, fitters & turners, diesel fitters, poly welding through boilermakers with experience in the mining sector.

Yes, all individuals who are required to work in confined spaces need to undertake appropriate training to minimise the risk of injuring themselves or others in the process. As such, our team is fully trained to work in confined spaces.

We know that hiring a fleet of vehicles for an upcoming mining or construction project can be a stressful. Each site will have a compliance checklist that vehicles must adhere to to ensure the safety of all workers.

At Kj’s Mining & Engineering, all of our vehicles are site compliant and ready to go for your project.

Yes, we have trained and compliant crane operators that are ready to assist you.

Yes, our experienced forklift operators are compliant and are on standby to assist you with your upcoming project.

There are various types of EWPs solutions designed to lift or lower individuals from a base support. These include scissor lifts, self-propelled boom lifts, trailers/vehicle mounted lifts, tele handlers with an elevated work platform attachment.

As working around EWPs are risky, it’s important to ensure that your EWP are knowledgeable, experienced and trained in minimising the risk these devices pose to themselves and others.

Our team is fully trained and experienced to operate EWPs

Yes, at Kj’s Mining and Engineering we offer a wide range of custom design and manufacturing services for projects big and small. If you have a custom project in mind, Kj’s Mining and Engineering can work with you to design exactly what you require. Our experience includes working on:

  • Custom ute trays
  • Mine site compliant ute trays
  • Trailers
  • Detailed work using a TIG welder

Not only do we offer mechanical fitting services, but the team at Kj’s Mining and Engineering is experienced with complex and general mechanical assemblies. Our team can assist you with successful equipment assembly whilst maintaining high quality standards.

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